Barrage Closure Clogs Traffic Flow at Kanaka Durga Varadhi

Barrage Closure Clogs Traffic A 10-km jam was witnessed when a truck broke down Closure of the Prakasam barrage is creating trafo fic congestion on the Kanaka Durga Varadhi. The entire traffic has been diverted to the highWay, and so even a small obstruction on the bridge results in a major traffic jam.

Barrage Closure Clogs Traffic Flow at Kanaka Durga Varadhi

Barrage Closure Clogs Traffic

Barrage Closure Clogs Traffic:

Though two-wheelers are allowed on the apron of the Prakasam barrage, larger vehicles are facing a tough time. Last week, a truck broke down on the Varadhi and created a nearly 10 km. long jam on the Guntur side; on Friday, a similar congestion was observed on the Vijayawada side after a car had a minor accident.

highway bridge during peak hours everyday:

Even in the absence of such hiccups, there is a major blockage on the highway bridge during peak hours everyday, because it is the only way toget from Vijayawada to the other side. Apart from the general highway traffic, traffic to Vijayawada has increased in recent times.

vehicles on Prakasambarrage in Vijayawada:

Motorists face problems due to congestion on Kanakadurgamma Varadhias officials prevent vehicles on Prakasambarrage in Vijayawada.government who go to Velagapudi also use the Kanaka Durga Varadhi. The number of employ. ees residing on the other side of the bridge and the people who have to visit various departments in Vijayawada has also increased. Traffic cops have a tough time regulating the traffic.

Continuously patrol the bridge:

They have placed vehicles to continuously patrol the bridge, Cranes have been placed on either side of the bridge, to immediately move in, in case something goes Wrong. As the national highway is inundated with heavy vehicles and long trucks, the roadgets congested in no time, if any vehicle breaks down.

Kranti Rana Tata, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) in Vijayawada, said that extra personnel were been deputed to ensure that the movement of vehicles on the four-lane bridge is not disrupted. “The situation improved after we opened the Prakasambarrage apron to two-wheelers,

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