Fancy Silencers Create Sound Pollution In City Bikes & Cars

Fancy Silencers Create Sound Pollution In City Sound pollution in the city has increased drastically in recent times. Usage of fancy silencers for higher cubic capacity (cc) bikes is creating sound pollution.

Fancy Silencers Create Sound Pollution In City Bikes & Cars

Fancy Silencers Create Sound Pollution

Silencers making cracker and higher decimals sounds are irritating the commuters. City police says that they have kept a special focus on bikes With Such silent Ceres. Sale of premium motorcycles such as Royal En field, Duke KTM and Others have increased in the city and many special stores were started in city styling bikes as an added attraction. More than 18 varieties of silencers are available.

silencers with fancy silencers:

the market and youth are spending R4,000 to R20,000 to update their company silencers with fancy silencers which make variety sounds. “Fancy silencer has a special identity for my bike. I got a bike with R2 lakh and spent R12,000 on silencers.

Identifies bike Sounds:

Everyone identifies me with my bike Sound,” Says K. Prabhakar, a student. Silencers making cracker Sounds are emitting Sound more than 60 to 70 decibels which is inaudible. ENT specialists suggest not to use such silencers and horns as they can cause deafness and irritation. “Disturbing others for the sake of gaining attention is nothing buta psychological disorder.

Sound pollution:

Sound pollution will not only causes deafness but it spoils the mental health. Parents should take an initiative and not to encourage their child using these silencers,” says ENT surgeon Singari Prabhakar. “Replacing the company silencers with unbr. anded Ones causing sound pollution is an offence,” says deputy commissioner of police Kanti Rana Tata. Special checking will be Organised in the city to identify these fancy silencers and stringent action Will be taken on those Violating the norms, he said. City police said that they have also kept an eye on usage of fancy number plates

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